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Here are some of the more common questions we get asked. If you can't find what you're looking for please get in touch we would love to talk to you! Or maybe take a look at our Angel Book...coming soon

Q. Do you provide wedding photography as well?

A. Yes, sure we do. Check out Angel Photography our sister business, in fact we prefer to come as a team and can offer a discount if you book both film and photography.

Q. We would love to book you. Now what?

A. Awesome. First things first, we require a non-refundable 25% booking fee in order to secure your date, this is deducted from your final balance. We’ll send you a booking form to capture some key information; and then arrange a date for a coffee and catch up.

Q. Do you direct us during the day? Do we have to pose for the cameras?

A. Our style is completely natural, filming events as they happen. Whilst we do work alongside the photographer during any portraiture, nothing is specifically staged. Of course if you really want us to direct and get staged shots for your wedding film, we are also happy to do that, but do bear in mind that it does take time. To us, your wedding day is about you and your freedom to enjoy your day.

Q. Who chooses the music?

A. We really really want to choose the music. As we construct your film in post-production we will know what music suits the mood and emotion that was captured on the day. Having said that let us know your music shortlist and preferences as this helps know you better.

Q. Do you travel for weddings?

A. Most certainly! In fact, we leap at the chance to visit places we’ve never seen. If it’s more than say a 2 hour drive then we may request accommodation & fuel/flight/train/bus expenses.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. We have full liability and indemnity.

Q. Should we meet up before the big day?

A. Most definitely, we want to create a relationship with you in the lead up to your wedding. We want you to be able to trust us fully on the day and not worry about me capturing those special moments. We may be spending up to 8 hours with each other on the biggest day of your lives, we want you to be comfortable with us.

Q. Do you set a time limit for filming the day?

A. Nope, we’ll be there first thing and stay until the dance floor is buzzing.